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Star Wars Black Series 50th Anniversary HAN SOLO


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Greetings mortal!  Welcome to my wares!  The wares of Freyr!

Rising from an impoverished childhood on the mean streets of Corellia to become the captain of the Millennium Falcon, this lucky pilot was worth their weight in gold when it came to a fight.

Taking on a simple job of providing transport from Tatooine to Alderaan, this scruffy scoundrel realised he had bitten off more than he could chew as his ship approached a moon-sized battle station, locked in a tractor beam.

Upon realising that Princess Leia Organa was onboard the station, a plan was put into action to free her, disengage the tractor beams, and depart the clutches of the evil Empire.

The execution of the escape started well, but took a turn when the Wookiee Chewbacca started to shoot up the place once the Imperials got suspicious 😅

As seen in Star Wars: A New Hope, get yourself a Star Wars Black Series 50th Anniversary Han Solo before a Stormtrooper gets him first!

Add them to your war party today!



  • Brand NEW and unopened
  • Highly articulated 6-inch (15cm) figure
  • Premium design and intricate detail
  • Includes figure and accessory item(s) as pictured
  • Ages 4 and up (choking hazard for children under 3 years)


Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd.
Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

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Dimensions 30 × 7 × 20 cm


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