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Greetings mortal! Welcome to my wares! The wares of Freyr!

An online store of collectible goods to add to your hoard.

We are a small NZ owned & operated business that stock a variety of items including action figures, dolls, and much more to come! Unless otherwise stated, all of our items are brand new and unopened. While the majority of inventory is current, we also specialise in sourcing collector items and those harder to find items with a special focus on Star Wars and Barbie.

Attention to detail, including the safe arrival of your items, is one of the major focuses here at FreyrWare. As such, all products purchased will be transported to you via the Bifrost and enclosed within secure and durable packaging. We pride ourselves in reducing our environmental footprint whenever possible. As such, we re-use paper and packing materials when practical. Please don't be too surprised if receive your goods accompanied by some recycled packaging materials. All packaging materials used are scrutinised closely prior to use.

Go forth and begin your search for wondrous plunder for your hoard!

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